Services Offered

Data Analysis and Interpretation

The dexterity of data is very essential for easy final interpretation. The analogy between manipulated data and the output should be invariant for integrity of the statistician. DAIC focuses on manipulating data frankly i.e. maintaining the indigenous and organic form of it while it undergoes;

  • Cleaning: removing unrequired parts of collected data that are ambiguous and irrelevant unworthy for analysis.
  • Coding: Modifying data that is unkempt before assailing it into the activated software.
  • Transformation: upgrading data into the best format for proper analysis.

It is a shocking encounter when metrics are displayed graphically but can hardly be understood. DAIC dis-aggrandizes the intuition of many students that is based on an unscholarly disenchantment by undercharging the graphical outputs providing clear knowledge of presented data. E.g. Commonly, it is unquestionable for a normal student to interpret fully a boxplot output. In addition to this there are several statistics and tests that are uncommon among students that can accredit scholarly work like the Welch statistic, Durbin-Watson test, port-manteau tests etc.

Data Mining And Cleaning

It is important to envisage into big data patterns in the current modern world as a platform of implementing your studies practically. Multivariate analysis is a wide field that needs more lucid investigations to put the randoms into one circumference. Extracting data and cleaning it is time costly thus a neccesity for DAIC to satisfy.

DAIC provides a cumulative hub for all analysis. Most Scientist I have encountered collect data ineloquently and thus anomalies. Before analysing data, the first important task is to make the data suitable and this is called data cleaning. DAIC offers help in these areas and further advisory on modelling techniques for perfect presentation. .

Application of Statistical Theorems

DAIC provides a platform for using statistical theorems that are important in project work. We incorporate both mathematical and probability patterns.

Fieldwork Practical

A future plan of DAIC is to have a library of data that is essential and necessary for society consumption. We collect data from hospitals, chemists, hotels, churches, motor industry and all other fraternities of interest.

Statistical terminologies and Advisory Services

Data output is important and can be easily conveyed in a simpler manner to the community.Through the models, we are able to make projections of the future and describe current events.