Background of The Consultancy Project

The Data Analysis and Interpretation Consultancy (DAIC) ‘dice’ is a statistical fraternity encapsulated among prominent statisticians from different Universities who are willing to participate in the pragmatic concepts of their undergraduate and postgraduate classwork. The consultancy is an ownership of Mr. Samson Tsuma an ever learning statistician. The idea of the consultancy came from a long way throughout my undergraduate course.

After walking non-relentlessly in the statistical realm, I desired to form a platform that is a statistical oasis from scratch so as to help endeavoring statisticians to be of benefit to the society. In order to culminate in Statistics, the agenda of an empiric must be met. Going way beyond the dialogue with books and papers; DAIC emphasizes in cultivating the practical culture of statistics.

DAIC and Membership

DAIC is currently aspirant and undertaking projects from different sources as a centroid of consultancy in short term tutoring and raw trials. The membership of DAIC is strictly for undergraduate and postgraduate excelling and well behaved students. DAIC is non-corrupt, free of society vices and gravitating on Christian teachings. Anyone who is willing to be a fruitful student should join DAIC where short form statistical Intellectualism is induced.

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